Friday, 28 November 2014

A Shed Obsession - part 5 - The Shonky Shed

I then had to spend a couple of weekends with friends, already arranged, but niggling at the back of my mind was that the weather was so good for building. The final finishing; getting all the windows in, the door on, filling the gaps between frames and cladding, sealing the windows all took much longer than is expected. Getting a single piece of wood the correct shape to fit could take an hour by the time all the measuring, shaving with a wheelwright plane, and fitting was done.

Here's a view of the skylight central panel in the roof... Over the weeks into October these jobs were all done and I could down tools until my next holiday and enough time to fit the green roof. Then it was search for, plan and order the green roof for the my son's half term holiday. Typically it arrived in a storm during the school run, my son's half term being a week earlier than the local primary school's. Which meant a mad hour of shifting 7m2 of Sedum turf. That left me knackered for most of the rest of the day. The next couple of days meant laying the waterproof membrane, putting the insulation layer up, the root protection layer on and placing the turf on top. I could only manage to lift .5m by 1m sections of turf up the ladder.
Finally the facia boards were on and the gravel, for drainage, placed around the sedum turf.

I could then turn to the interior fittings - finding boards to hang the bikes off. Laying a concrete render over the floor and insulating the walls.

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