Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The auspicious hawk

As, suddenly, I watched the Merlin chase and fail to capture one of our garden birds, a sparrow or a blackbird, I reflected that this has been a Hawk year for me. I have seen so many this year.
As Merlin's migrate to warmer lowlands in the winter it is little surprise that it is around Yule I see them. It reminded me of this poem which I wrote upon seeing a Merlin...

Merlin I see you!
Your speckled cloak of feathers
covers your hooded eyes
that hunt fleeting silver Awen doves
through winter's bare leaved Ogham groves.

Merlin you see me!
With faun coloured poachers coat
Wrapped tight against cold
that sends shivers through wintery copse
and darkly haunts my frigid corpse.

Merlin in besom bosk#
together we hunt winter's break;
the revelation
of inspiration, the Darkling Thrush
on coppice gate, a hidden hope to brush.

Image is from here
#besom = bushy, bosk = woodland

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