Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Old Man Willow

I saw his trunk dismembered
Scattered pieces across the Water Meadow,
Chunks of trunk discarded.
Old man Willow is dead.

During the long Summer balms
I used to seek my children
To find them in his arms,
Singing un-remembered charms.

Striding across meadow deeps
Lines of destructive tracks
Signs of oil and chainsaw creeps
Across black pools as meadow weeps.

The dogs racing rabbits hunted
Weaving amongst his branches,
No more tails excited 
Old Man Willow is dead.

To the men who did this
No doubt a job finish
No profit in his branches
No wealth within his trunk.

I remember,
Old Man Willow is Dead.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Lunar energy

The full moon is what most pagans seem to focus on, or rather the commentary in books and the web suggests so.  For me, whilst the full moon is the peak of that Lunar month's energy it is the pregnant dark of the No-New moon before the sliver of light that is the new moon appears is when the energy changes.

This is when the stars are at their greatest, in the winter on a cloudless night.
At other times when the cloud is low the dark is deepest.  In rural spaces so dark that that even black seems light in comparison as black needs light to show it.  This absence of any light has a visceral quality and is worth experiencing.

Pagan pilgrimage

After a long, busy period at work when I couldn't listen to Druidcast I have been commuting by train to the City and catching up.

Druidcast 130 has been an inspiration

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Happy New Lunar Year

So an appropriate time to visit the Mithraeum under the Bloomberg building in London.  Little is known of the religion but this article has some interesting links  with Taliesin.
There is another article, at WhiteDragon that discusses the 7 levels of initiation, their astrological links and how you progress from Raven to Father, with Mithra as All-Father.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Imbolc: Seed Thought

Shuck Winter

Winter's cloak, mizzle wrapped
Mental, low, mis'rable fusk:
 My gloomy Gytrack hoodie. 
Oestre shuck my morose husk
Imbolc Sunna bloom me.


Sunday, 30 December 2018

Friday, 21 December 2018

Wuldor and Wassail

After a two year fallow period on this blog I feel it is time to commit to it again. The fallow period has been a very busy period of massive change and growth for me, mostly in my work life. Over this period, coping with the stress of change, Druidy has become a central part of my internal,emotional way of living. The knowledge Druidry has given me have helped me bend with the wind rather than snap. In this sense Wuldor, the king of re-birth, gifting a wonderful Yule has confirmed that, now I am more settled, it is time to start blogging again. I have missed posting here.

The Solstice views over the Alder bourne with Wuldor, the glory father glowing over Wolstonbury Hill

The Sugar Wassail from a Sussex folk collection

Whilst searching for a song to honour Wuldor, initially looking at old Carols but that felt like inappropriate appropriation, I came across this old folk song from the 1840s...

  • A wassail, a wassail, a wassail we begin
  • With sugar strands and cinnamon and all the treasures in
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
  • And if you any maids within your house as I suppose you've done
  • They'd not let us stand a-wassailing so long on this cold stone
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
  • We'll cut a toast from off the log and sat it by the fire
  • We'll wassail bees and apple trees until your heart's desire
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
  • Bring out your silver tankard, likewise you kissing sphere
  • We'll come no more a-wassailing until another year
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
You can hear it here:https://youtu.be/ttA2FCdxxd0 A very merry Yule to one and all. It will be the full moon tonight, so a powerful Yule hopefully bringing sense and peace back into the world.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Saturday, 17 February 2018