Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Happy New Lunar Year

So an appropriate time to visit the Mithraeum under the Bloomberg building in London.  Little is known of the religion but this article has some interesting links  with Taliesin.
There is another article, at WhiteDragon that discusses the 7 levels of initiation, their astrological links and how you progress from Raven to Father, with Mithra as All-Father.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Imbolc: Seed Thought

Shuck Winter

Winter's cloak, mizzle wrapped
Mental, low, mis'rable fusk:
 My gloomy Gytrack hoodie. 
Oestre shuck my morose husk
Imbolc Sunna bloom me.


Sunday, 30 December 2018

Friday, 21 December 2018

Wuldor and Wassail

After a two year fallow period on this blog I feel it is time to commit to it again. The fallow period has been a very busy period of massive change and growth for me, mostly in my work life. Over this period, coping with the stress of change, Druidy has become a central part of my internal,emotional way of living. The knowledge Druidry has given me have helped me bend with the wind rather than snap. In this sense Wuldor, the king of re-birth, gifting a wonderful Yule has confirmed that, now I am more settled, it is time to start blogging again. I have missed posting here.

The Solstice views over the Alder bourne with Wuldor, the glory father glowing over Wolstonbury Hill

The Sugar Wassail from a Sussex folk collection

Whilst searching for a song to honour Wuldor, initially looking at old Carols but that felt like inappropriate appropriation, I came across this old folk song from the 1840s...

  • A wassail, a wassail, a wassail we begin
  • With sugar strands and cinnamon and all the treasures in
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
  • And if you any maids within your house as I suppose you've done
  • They'd not let us stand a-wassailing so long on this cold stone
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
  • We'll cut a toast from off the log and sat it by the fire
  • We'll wassail bees and apple trees until your heart's desire
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
  • Bring out your silver tankard, likewise you kissing sphere
  • We'll come no more a-wassailing until another year
  • With a wassail, a wassail, a jolly wassail
  • And may joy come to you and to our wassail.
You can hear it here:https://youtu.be/ttA2FCdxxd0 A very merry Yule to one and all. It will be the full moon tonight, so a powerful Yule hopefully bringing sense and peace back into the world.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A blot and three symbels - pt 2

Symbel One - Solstice
In the evening of the solstice to celebrate the start of the 12 days of Yule.  In my family this is baking the Xmas Ham, a honey mustard roast.  I always use Delia's recipe.
During the day of the Solstice you soak the ham, to remove the saltiness.  Then the baking, with roast Potatoes or Parsnips with Kale or go 'full Delia' and serve it with Braised Red Cabbage and Potatoes Dauphinoise.
This large ham then provides sandwich fillings and occasional meals over the 12 days.
The culmination on or near Twelfth Night, to finish the last remnants, is the classic Ham and Pea soup. 

Symbel Two  - Mother's Night
A simple favourite is best.  In our house a type of Pasta Carbonara with bacon, peas, crème fraiche and lots of parmesan and, as it's Xmas, some Parma ham is often made.  A mulled wine or cider is an aperitif with mince pies and cream for dessert.
Much of the evening is preparing for the next day but it is important to take time to celebrate, if possible to bløt or meditate, Modrasnacht.

Symbel Three - Xmas Day
There are many books on this but Turkey is a recent post-war tradition and we have the annual debate between those who like Turkey and those who don't.  I mix it up and over the years have had Goose, Beef, Three bird roast and Honey Orange roast Duck when it was just two of us.  I do stick to my rules though fowl (Turkey or Goose) has bread sauce, which I love, Beef has Yorkshire Puddings.

Although arguably my favourite meal of the 12 days is the Xmas leftover Bubble & Squeak usually on Boxing Day or the day after.  Preferably with leftover Chipolata sausage's and a poached egg.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A blot and three symbels - pt1

Blot : Yule begins

Taking the Druidic view the solstice starts at sunset on the 20th Decenmber and runs through to sunset on the 21st. This blot is to reflect upon the year as we move into the Yuletide interregnum. The death of this solar year is the time to place your festive wreath on the door. It is made of evergreens, the symbol of growth and eternal life, and marks the passing of the old year.

Prepare your blot so that you can sit outside and watch the sunset, assuming you have one. Amongst the Gewessi it is not unusual for this to be hidden by clouds, whether they be of rain, snow or just bringing the year-end to an end in a grey whisper.

The blot

For me a blot is a simple thing, it comprises of hallowing the ale, wine or whatever beverage is special to you and yours. Hallowing is a simple ritual (or can be as complex as you like) but is the movement of forming your fist, a hammer shape to represent Thunor who protects the sacred space, and circling it deosil, or clockwise, over the drinking vessel. Focus your intent upon call upon him to hallow the contents. Ensure your are standing on earth that is important to you. For me that is the garden, and upon grass. Then raise three toasts:

  • The first is to the Gods, the Aesir and Vanir our gods and goddesses. Take a draught of the drink and honour them in your mind
  • The second is to the land Alfar, elves, fairiies or pooks. However you call them they are the spirits of the land. Take a draught and honour them in your mind
  • The third and last is to those that have gone before our ancestors. Whoever they maybe from the natural to the nurtural and onwards to every person who have helped shape this world
There is then the final, and to me very important, libation to Loki. Pour a good amount on the ground to soothe his thirst and satisfy him. In this respect it is a good luck charm. It is then time, if on your own, to meditate upon the year and reflect upon what has happened. To be thankful for the good and learn from the bad. The bad can then be disposed of in the compost bin, to decompose during Yule and provide nutrients for growth in the new year. In a group then maybe it's time for a toast, a boast and a promise with your companions. When the time feels right, finish up your drink and head inside. The blot is over.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Year's End 2017

Racing Night, sun is setting,
Homeward bound.  Autumnal leaves
Fleckle my tracks with gold
Dying day, year. I'm old
Pushing on to get things done.

A gewessi waka or ge-waka poem.  33 syllables, 5 lines.