Friday, 7 November 2014

A Shed Obsession - part 1 - Planning

So, the Blog has been quiet of late, since Lughnasadh really.  The hints were in my earlier post <here> of plans for the year.   I've had a shed obsession.  From late July through to October all of my spare energy and focus has been on this 'Shed'; however more of a man-cave than humble shed.  It needed to do 3 things:
  1. Securely store my bikes
  2. Provide enough space to work on bikes
  3. Provide a flexible space for winter turbo-training (riding a bike without going anywhere!) and as a gym
  4. Optional extra - somewhere to start growing Tomato's earlier in the season

The plans really started to take shape during August when I had to settle upon a type of build.  Obviously, coming from a Gewessi mindset, ecology had to come into the mix along with practical time and cost considerations.   A set of principles formulated themselves:
  • Use recycled wood where possible
  • Cost to be ca £500
  • Timing - allow a week for primary build phase
  • Green roof
  • Time & Cost to prioritise over Quality; the quality aim is functionality with a nod to the aesthetic

Looking at the YouGov planning reg's the eaves height needs to be no greater than 2.5 metres.

So an initial plan was drawn

Then Design Options were reviewed; from building a high quality aesthetic matching the plan with all new wood, to a fully recycled wood shed.   A combination option, the middle way,  was chosen.

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