Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Loca - The one who closes

Is my resolution for this year.   Finish what you started, fix things when they break and don't procrastinate! This is a year of new beginnings I feel.   For too long I have come up with excuses for delaying things, usually because I can't afford it right now.   However, I never seem to factor in the emotional and personal cost of the annoyance and frustration when things aren't working.

Yule was the driver for this, along with my previous post on Loca, when the toilet finally broke having been limping along... if you half press the handle 9 times, say a little prayer then it might just flush properly.   I had to panic, get a plumber at short notice who got it working before my mother came to stay.   Mother is stressful enough without the additional stress of things not working.   Enough, is enough, especially when the bath taps aren't working the shower unit broke at the end of the summer and all not fixed because we'll have the money after Yule.   We work, we have credit so fix things otherwise you waste energy in frustration and unfocused irritation and I'm not a teenager with energy to spare.

....And Relax

So a list of things to finish this year:

  1. Fix bathroom taps and shower - bits bought, plumber to arrange
  2. Fix Mountain Bikes - Fuquay (send brake to Hope), Spesh Enduro Fox rear shock and strip rebuild the rear hub on my Slingshot
  3. Fix the last drip from my shed roof
  4. Complete the guttering, painting and decorating of my shed
  5. Complete my OBOD Ovate work and write to my tutor - now I've done what I promised at the start and stopped smoking
  6. Garden 1 - revamp the Soft Fruit Area to add in fruit cages
  7. Garden 2 - buy bricks and pave the fire area
  8. Garden 3 - create an attractive water area
  9. Garden 4 - complete the wind chime project that's been lurking in the undergrowth of the greenhouse
Which should keep me busy, particularly alongside my other goals of riding my bike more and getting fit enough to solo race the Brighton Big Dog.   In addition to my usual yearly vegetable gardening, to be covered in my next post.

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