Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A blot and three symbels - pt1

Blot : Yule begins

Taking the Druidic view the solstice starts at sunset on the 20th Decenmber and runs through to sunset on the 21st. This blot is to reflect upon the year as we move into the Yuletide interregnum. The death of this solar year is the time to place your festive wreath on the door. It is made of evergreens, the symbol of growth and eternal life, and marks the passing of the old year.

Prepare your blot so that you can sit outside and watch the sunset, assuming you have one. Amongst the Gewessi it is not unusual for this to be hidden by clouds, whether they be of rain, snow or just bringing the year-end to an end in a grey whisper.

The blot

For me a blot is a simple thing, it comprises of hallowing the ale, wine or whatever beverage is special to you and yours. Hallowing is a simple ritual (or can be as complex as you like) but is the movement of forming your fist, a hammer shape to represent Thunor who protects the sacred space, and circling it deosil, or clockwise, over the drinking vessel. Focus your intent upon call upon him to hallow the contents. Ensure your are standing on earth that is important to you. For me that is the garden, and upon grass. Then raise three toasts:

  • The first is to the Gods, the Aesir and Vanir our gods and goddesses. Take a draught of the drink and honour them in your mind
  • The second is to the land Alfar, elves, fairiies or pooks. However you call them they are the spirits of the land. Take a draught and honour them in your mind
  • The third and last is to those that have gone before our ancestors. Whoever they maybe from the natural to the nurtural and onwards to every person who have helped shape this world
There is then the final, and to me very important, libation to Loki. Pour a good amount on the ground to soothe his thirst and satisfy him. In this respect it is a good luck charm. It is then time, if on your own, to meditate upon the year and reflect upon what has happened. To be thankful for the good and learn from the bad. The bad can then be disposed of in the compost bin, to decompose during Yule and provide nutrients for growth in the new year. In a group then maybe it's time for a toast, a boast and a promise with your companions. When the time feels right, finish up your drink and head inside. The blot is over.

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