Friday, 24 March 2017

Eostre seed thought - recoup, recover, resist

It has been a strange few months, 2016 was a draining year. In the utgard, outer, world it was a mad, bad year draining and grief stricken.  In the inner world of my wife and I it was a good demons were slain, a canine family member arrived and our son stepped out into the world.
As I write this a tone poem is singing "All will be well" a note of positivity.
Working in London the lone wolf attack on Parliament has happened, a terror attack little like the worst days of the IRA.  As I'm now officially an old fart I was explaining to my young colleagues about the 'troubles' and the bombs in Brighton, my home town, London, Birmingham etc.... Also that the predecessors of those poor Police and Firemen killed in 9/11 had helped fund the IRA.  There's an irony or karma in that, also something that these current poor deluded fanatics don't get. In Britain we coped with terrorists through the 70's and 80's and the terrorists eventually gave up and looked for more peaceful, political ways.
After the stress and changes of 2016 I have had time to recoup & recover.  Now it is time to #Resist those who would destroy the democratic liberal culture that the majority in the western world believe in, enjoy and support.

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