Monday, 2 January 2017

A Gewessi Yule tale - Part 2

How the Magpie showed Bravery, Creativity and Discipline

The Buffalo used to eat man. The People argued with the Buffalo saying
"Why do you get to eat us and we don't get to eat you! We shall have a big council to decide who eats who."
Mr Magpie and the Hawk were on the side of the people, for neither ate the other or the people. At the council they determined that a race would be held, the winners to eat the losers. These two birds flew away from the council between animals and men undecided as to whether they should enter the race. Mr Magpie was scared of being with the People when the Buffalo seemed so confident - but was determined to stay with man because he didn't eat magpie's.

The course was long, around a mountain. The swiftest Buffalo was a cow called Neika, "swift head." She believed she would win and entered the race. On the other hand, the People were afraid because of the long distance. They were trying to get medicine to prevent fatigue. Mr Magpie had watched Neika race before and thought up a clever plan. If he flew behind Neika he could shelter from the wind and save his energy for a last sprint at the end.

All the birds and animals painted themselves for the race, and since that time they have all been brightly coloured. Even the water turtle put red paint around his eyes. The magpie painted himself white on head, shoulders, and tail. At last all were ready for the race, and stood in a row for the start. They ran and ran, making some loud noises in place of singing to help themselves to run faster. All small birds, turtles, rabbits, coyotes, wolves, flies, ants, insects, and snakes were soon left far behind. When they approached the mountain the buffalo-cow was ahead; then came the magpie, hawk, and the people; the rest were strung out along the way. The dust rose so quickly that nothing could be seen.

All around the mountain the buffalo-cow led the race, but the two birds knew they could win if they saved their energy for the finish, and merely kept up with her until they neared the finish line, which was back to the starting place. Then both birds whooshed by her and won the race for man. As they flew the course, they had seen fallen animals and birds all over the place, who had run themselves to death, turning the ground and rocks red from the blood. They did not panic on seeing this but stayed behind Neika.

The buffalo then told their young to hide from the people, who were going out to hunt them; and also told them to take some human flesh with them for the last time. The young buffaloes did this, and stuck that meat in front of their chests, beneath the throat. Therefore, the people do not eat that part of the buffalo, saying it is part human flesh. From that day forward the Cheyennes began to hunt buffalo. Since all the friendly animals and birds were on the people's side, they are not eaten by people, but they do wear and use their beautiful feathers for ornaments. Another version adds that when coyote, who was on the side of buffalo, finished the race, the magpie who even beat the hawk, said to coyote,
"We will not eat you, but only use your skin."
Ever since the Cheyenne have loved the magpie for his bravery in taking their side in the race, discipline in saving his energy and creativity in thinking in how to win the race.

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