Sunday, 30 October 2016

Aesthetic of inner peace

It is important to understand your inner aesthetic & to find it.  This is not the aesthetic, or beauty, that the outer world tells you to appreciate but the one that you emotionally respond to.
The first thing you must do with any moment is to feel whether you like the first sentence that my study of art teacher said. 
What is a moment?  It can be seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time, a vision of the sun setting or a digital landscape in a virtual world.
The key is to take that moment and fully enjoy it, commit it to your mind hoard of gladness.  Don't be distracted by the digital hum of our lives, put aside your personal obsessions be they physical, emotional or mental and gladden your soul by revelling in allowing your internet of the aesthetic.
Your aesthetic may not be someone else's, a bit like the joy my dog has in rolling in fox poo.  It's not something I want him to do but the unparalleled joy he has in that moment is enviable.

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