Friday, 1 April 2016

Eostre seed thought - new beginnings

As I have documented over the past few years I rode upto Wolstonbury hill to re-dedicate myself to the Gewessi path. Since I've been writing this blog it is interesting to note the different weather & how I am feeling at this time. So this year, after 6 months of repeated virus illness and minimal riding, I cycled up on a pleasant sunny, spring day. My lungs no longer felt glued by infection and the wracking cough has subsided, I almost felt like a rider again.

The circle of thorns is lifted

and the reason for the illness became clear, it was holding me in place until this time. The runes told me some years ago to hold fast in my job, I have been doggedly stuck there for many a year. Now the kids have grown, almost flown the nest and I am free of day to day fatherly duties. The runes told me before I went into the redundancy meeting that my desire is granted - it's time to leave my workplace of the past 19 years with the golden handcuffs unshackled and placed in my hands.

It is time to move onto the Druid grade within OBOD's teaching structure, change my job and look to the future. The runes gave me a caution in Isa for the future about moving cautiously but there is wealth also
(Ice) is very cold
and exceedingly slippery
it glistens, clear as glass
very much like gems,
a floor made of frost
is fair to see.
— Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem
I look forward to my adventure ahead and had a Blot for fair weather and good health.

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