Friday, 24 April 2015

Of Nimrodel & Asphodel an Eostre Soul Ride

As I travel through the woodlands throughout the Eostre period I have a recurring meme that pops into my head. It's 'of Nimrodel and Asphodel' from the Lord of the Rings (LotR). I can't remember whether it's a chapter name or referred to in dialogue or whether I have made it up! For me the Wood Anemone's are Nimrodel and Lesser Celandine are Asphodel. Here's a view of the Wood Anemone's in the local woods

It has been running around my head for several years, writing this blog has encouraged me to use the powers of Google to search the one Wiki to rule them all...

And I find that Nimrodel is a Wood Elf who is beguiled by the stars into a deep sleep and loses her lover. So that explains why my subconscious had linked the white star flowers of the Wood Anemone with Nimrodel. Now to Asphodel, which I discover is a yellow-white flower that Frodo and Sam come across in Ithilien. Which would link the yellow of the Celandine with the white of the Anemone. Here's the Celandine:

Eostre is traditionally the time when I renew my commitment to the Gewessi path, it's become traditional for me to do this atop Wolstonbury Hill by a Hawthorn and Elder tree. This year I was a bit late as Eostre itself I met up with old friends for a great ride in the west, a circuit from Cocking looping by the Devil's Jumps.

The Devil's Jumps sit on Treyford Hill, they are a sequence of 5 ancient bell barrows. Now the view up on them hills is lovely and the woodland forms a circle creating a peaceful place where Thor himself used to sit and ponder what Giants, over in the East, to hammer next. Thor dozed off...
thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump
Thor was jiggered and opened an eye to see the Devil hisself jumping from barrow to barrow and he was boco mispleased at this willicky behaviour
"Oi Devil, you dursn't leap from those totties. Garn with you, surelye waken the dead."
The Devil jeered back "Ha old man bet you're too old to have leaping fun"
Thor looked down and found a gurt big slab of flint, he hoisted it in his mighty hand and threw it hard at the Devil. As the Devil was mid-jump it caught him hard in the midriff. The Devil hit the ground hard and cursing set off towards Merricur as fast as if a swarm a humbledore's was after 'im. From the woods there was the sound of Yaffle's laughing.

Today I finally got up to Wolstonbury and had a brief moment to cast the circle, touch base with those two trees, internally remark on the difference this year to previous years and re-affirm my commitment to the Gewessi path. The circuit round Wolstonbury is hard, dry, bumpy from all the horses but marvellously fantastic. Big soul happy grins and quick photo' of the gorgeous diddy Cowslips that cover these hills at this time (that'll be my glove next to it and I don't have big hands)

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