Friday, 20 June 2014

Hymn to Sol or Sunna at Litha or Alban Hefin the Summer Solstice

Taken from

Hymn to Sol
(inspired by Rig-Veda Book 1 Hymn to Surya)

Your bright beams, aloft are born
fairest of face, the bright fulgor;
Grace-shine the bringer of beauty.
Across Ymir's day-nascent skull -
Your rays herald like hunting horns
So refulgant from afar.
Beacons that burn and blaze.
Swift and sublime, you are Sunna
Maker of light, illuminator.

You brighten Gods, lighten all beings
traversing sky, bring day to birth
with brilliance your beams mark days
over the business of being.
Early To Wake and Very Quick
bear your wagon, the lovely wheel
across the sky, God-blithe Glen's wife.
All-Bright remove my hearts disease
with your all-conquering vigour.

Wassail Sunna with awen, awen, awen

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