Monday, 9 September 2013

Socks the Lap Ninja

who passed suddenly yesterday, she'd hidden her illness well so the vet said. Born in a chair in my wife's old flat, my wife has been both midwife and undertaker.
The Lap Ninja
We weren't expecting or ready for her leaving,
expecting her mother would be preceding.
Let the sky weep for Socks is dead.

She was a scatty lively bundle of bouncing energy;
our evening greeter
our lap ninja
our morning friend
now in turn we mourn our friend.

I prayed to my gods to take her home
her spirit to the Summer land
her body to the mother land
and the sky wept for Socks was dead.

Thor came rumbling over head
a double Rainbow flowing gold
took her spirit, one not bold,
then Frigga took her into bed
and holds her to her breast
in her eternal rest
and we all wept for Socks is dead.

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