Friday, 29 March 2013

Q&A on my Gods & Gewessi

You say you honour the land Alfar - what about Disir and wights?
The wights I would include under the ancestors, as would the Disir (if you take Disir to be female ancestral gaurdians).   However, I also call upon the Disir when casting the circle for Druidic ritual & meditation.  During a Blot toast it is to the Gods/ess', the land Alfar and the ancestors.

Now you got to tell me who is Loca ??  
Loca is how I call Loki.  I don't think the name is attested in any Anglo-Saxon (A-S) writings historically but I and other A-S heathens have used this name.  Loca would mean the "one who closes" which seems rather apt.  With Frig and Ingwine-Frey these are the Gods/ess I primarily honour and work with.

I wonder if there are good sources of information about how do that. How do adapt rituals, concepts, symbols from a Celtic culture to a Saxon/Norse/Germanic culture.
A good point and I don't think it exists (although this blog is my perspective).  It's why the Gewessi path discussion first started on the forum many years ago.
During the Bardic work, certainly early on, I felt very conflicted wondering which path to take.   Discussion around the Gewessi meme/idea and knowing from my tutor that Coifi in OBOD, before passing to the Summerlands, had been walking a similar path.  I still hadn't fully resolved the issue by the end of the Bardic work.  
So I think each person has been carving their own path - now I'm coming to the end of the OBOD Ovate work I've realised that part of the reason it's taken so long is because much of my work has been doing precisely that.  Understanding this syncretism of OBOD and Heathen work in the rituals, concepts and symbols of the land where I live.
In fact there are 3 strands that  I use;   OBOD Druidic philosophy with Heathen religion and western scientific logic (aka Logos).

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