Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Icing the Holly King

Snow has arrived to ruin dreams of a mild winter that builds bike strength, reminding me that my plans for a turbo training shed are unfulfilled.  My perennial Heart of Darkness paranoia strikes; "when I am not on the bike I know that I'm just getting weaker."  This is where the analogy dies, there is no Charlie in the jungle waiting for me.  Nor am I a dedicated racer or have a big event planned.
So why do I worry?  Two answers:
1 - because it's my nature to and core to my self view is that I am a cyclist.  As a cyclist I want to be a good cyclist.
2 - it's part of my balance against the unhealthy parts of my life to keep fit.
Aahhh yes the third part - I hate the pain of getting fit & love the fluidity of my masterful stroke when the fitness is there.
Ice depresses me, like some Viking trapped in his hall.  I then wallow in my dirty habits; smoking, drinking and fatty foods.  The guilt is exacerbated by the feeling that as my age lengthens so my overall fitness declines.  The cold freezes my ability to act, more so as I get older. 
What has this negativity got to do with Gewessi?
Acceptance of the natural cycles, is the thing.  Do the things you don't do when you can train.  Write things, work on the inner work of Druidry, read.
Chill out and (big, slow, exhale) relax, be confident you will regain that fitness.
Enjoy a day spent snuggling on the sofa watching films; Lord of the Rings back to back anyone? :)
Also beasting myself on the sleeting roads just gives me colds now, which usully means more time off the bike on sunny days.  So (I give myself a stiff talking to) m'boy do what your ancestors did.  Keep warm, keep healthy and wait for brighter days.  Build the hunger for the pain of training too.  The Oak King is coming, in his season I will be worrying about how to fit training & gardening around family & work.
Then the tiredness will kick in & I will dream of snow days and snuggling!
So enjoy the here and now and do those winter things.  Each activity in it's season and each season has it's place.

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