Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sacred Space & Techno-Shamanism

Many years ago during my raving days, which as a lifestyle choice has it's own risks both physical and mental, I was drawn to Techno-shamanism. Whilst it's spirituality was, possibly, tainted by it's chemically induced methods it did teach me a lot about sacred space. At a rave, whether in a nightclub or in a field, you use your dance as a kind of ritual to create your own personal sacred space.

In a similar way you can use the ritual of calling the quarters to create your own sacred space. I don't have a sacred space in the house; it is wherever I am performing sacred work. The sacred space is created by my ritual; whether it be the Druidic spiral of calling the quarters or the Hearthen blot by blessing the feasting horn. It is a space both physically, in space and time, and transrationally within me.

Just in case anyone is interested here's a bit more about Techno-Shamanism ============================== ================================== Goals of Techno-shamanism:

1. Create and maintain sacred space.
2. Create alternate awareness.
3. Translate music into energy and movement (dance the energy).
4. Understand the nature of attention and focus to be able to transform energy into awareness.
5. Invoke friendly spirits, guides and other dimensions to guide your journey.
6. Transcend yourself by experiencing a state of ecstasy and bliss.
7. Connect and commune with other people and dance the group mind.
8. Allow yourself to feel the unity of the tribe.
9. Dissolve fear and experience the power of transcendence.
10. Find meaning, purpose and humour in your life.
11. Apply these processes and experiences to your everyday life.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
=========== =================================

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